Hi! My name is Stephanie Jackson. I am a certified integrative health practitioner and life transformation coach, location-independent, heart-centred, mission-driven entrepreneur, adventurer, world-traveller, foodie, DIYer, yogi, solar-powered fitness enthusiast + mom.

When you look at my instagram feed, I appear to have this “perfect” life…

but actually, I do, I LOVE my life. Everyday I decide to create the FREEDOM to live my healthiest and highest-value life by following my 7-key framework that I’ve developed over the years. Actually, it was through an extremely long-winded DIY journey of books, courses, self-development, mentorship, counselling, training, coaching and a lot of life lessons.

Once I figured out HOW to rewrite my inner dialogue and rewire my beliefs, I started to really see how I could create with more intention and call my desires to life.  My choices and everyday actions became so in alignment with my core values.  I call this living your TRUTH….well, the truth is, I haven’t always had it all so together, and I still don’t really 100%, but I’m working on it.

I used to live in this constant state of OVERWHELM and chronic feeling of TIRED. Crashing and burning, going through days, months, years in a FOG lacking focus and concentration, trying to balance the demands of life, DOING IT ALL, leaving NO TIME for myself, just UNFUFILLED dreams and desires, weight issues, insecurities, frequent headaches, skin issues, early signs of aging, body aches and pains, hair loss, and a whole lot of visits to the doctor to get Band-Aid solutions.  WHEW! Run-on sentence.

If any of this sounds like you.  Firstly, you’re not alone, and secondly you’re not from another PLANET.  You just refuse to fit yourself in the BOX.  You see something different for your life, you desire to create meaning through your work, to live a free and flexible life, to live in abundance of time, wealth, and love.

This is when I say YOU are ALLOWED and DESERVE to live your BEST LIFE.  You CAN have your cake and eat it too without the BURNOUT or the FEAR, or whatever is holding you back.  You will LOSE WEIGHT, claim your confidence and own your self-worth along the journey.

But it’s way easier said then done.  And for a long time I had no clue how it was done.

Let’s connect on a 30 minute call to see where you are struggling the most in life, what is that picture that you want to create for yourself, you, your life?

Why not just take that small step right now, after you are done reading this paragraph and book that call.

Who knows it may just be that small step that will change the course of your life?

In love and support,