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The freedom to live is a lifestyle. It’s about creating a high-value life you love by visioning the life you want to live and by taking the action steps to make that life happen.

Hi! My name is Stephanie Jackson, I am a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach with a focus on athletic sports performance and energy. My mission is to help you perform at your best and live your healthiest and highest-value life.  Your truest life story!

Dedicated to helping you rebalance health, stress, and life! I am driven to helping you get your desired results by looking into the underlying root causes of your health imbalances.

By including state-of-the-art functional medicine lab testing, we are able to quickly uncover subclinical issues that can lead over time to symptoms of dis-ease within the mind and body.

Do you want more Energy and better Performance in your game?

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