I know what it’s like personally to live in a constant state of overwhelm, busy, and perpetual exhaustion.  To go through days, months, years in a FOG lacking focus and concentration, trying to balance the demands of life, DOING IT ALL, leaving NO TIME for myself, just UNFUFILLED dreams and desires, weight issues, insecurities, frequent headaches, skin issues, early signs of aging, body aches and pains, hair loss, and a whole lot of visits to the doctor for Band-Aid solutions.

I’ve been there!  I also know how stress and mindset can impact our health and weight.  Or the feeling of having this perfect on the surface life: big house, nice car, husband, kids, family support, high-responsibility director job, but feeling deeply unsatisfied, unhappy, and lost with no purpose in life.

This 6-week mastermind program is for enterprising women who have big dreams and goals for their life.  I can see that picture of your life: healthy, fit, happy, successful and free to speak your truth to lead and inspire others along their journey.

In this program, you will be guided to find your inner happiness, and get in the best health and shape of your life to represent you as your wellness brand.  By tapping into your true authentic story, both the dark and the light, you will find that your purpose is in telling your own transformation story.  You are your story, you are your brand, and your transformation story is your purpose!

The program is a blend of nutrition, exercise, mindset, personal development and self branding training adapted to your unique life circumstances, body type, and imbalances with access to a weekly coaching call and a solution-driven peer support group.

Most health transformation programs focus on nutrition, data, and exercise that quickly become an uninspiring chore. In the Fit Happy Healthy mastermind program there is a substantial personal development component that empowers you to design your ideal lifestyle and be that picture of health and happiness in alignment with your personal life goals.

The top reasons people don’t stick with gym memberships or online programs are the lack of accountability, difficulty in staying consistent, and mindset along the way with nobody to talk or guide them through.

Become more aware of limiting mindsets or fears that are blocking you from achieving weight loss and your healthiest self.

Finally bring your body into natural balance to achieve sustainable weight loss by learning how easy, fast, and inexpensive it really can be to adapt to a whole foods natural way of life that has extensive scientifically proven research backed by long-term health benefits and longevity.

What does it look like to be in the Fit, Happy, Healthy Mastermind program?

  • Weekly content-rich video lessons
  • Written course work
  • 90 minute group coaching call weekly (6 sessions) with access to the replays
  • Planning templates and tools
  • Meditations
  • 30 day holistic health challenge
  • 7 day detox
  • A private support community
  • Only 2 hours of course work per week
  • Practice daily at your own pace
  • Tons of additional customized resources and references

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