The 90-minute Narrow the Gap Blueprint session gives you more clarity, focus, and direction for what you want to start creating in your life.

Think about the popular social media tool: Instagram.

When you scroll through the feed and happen to click on someone’s profile page, the first 9 images are your first impression of that person, a surface impression, but a small glimpse into that person’s life.

If you could gather 9 images of what your life really looks like today in total honesty compared with 9 images of the life that you truly deeply desire, how big is that gap?

By learning how to dance with your reality while you create your reality, I show you how you can live your true desired life today, rather than wishing and dreaming for it all to happen one day. You will connect with your desires, values, and dreams, but in a way where you can take that emotional and tangible journey there now. Which in fact is the big key to manifesting and attraction.

By the end of our session, you will walk away with the clarity, focus, direction, and a practical Monday – Sunday plan in hand.


Your 90-minute session includes

  • A 1:1 coaching session
  • Full report of the session notes
  • A personalized Monday – Sunday Blueprint plan

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