How she transformed her Pain to Purpose: Interview with Karla Kelp from Phoenix to Freedom

Join us Live this Sunday, August 12 at 1:00PM EST on Evergreen Coaching Space with special guest Karl Kelp from Phoenix To Freedom.  Karla is an inspirational personal development coach, heart-centered mentor, world traveler, pilgrim, and rebel with an amazing story to tell!

Karla was born in Transylvania, in the land of the vampires, a German subculture in Romania, and raised in Germany where her free-loving heart and spirited-childhood soul was quickly beaten down into obedience and fear at a young age.  Experiencing a generation and cultural gap with her parents and growing up in their small German town, she was constantly “in trouble”, treated, and seen as a wild problem child.

Karla quickly lost trust in her so-called guardian and protector; Her father turned out to be her biggest source of fear in life.  With a childhood reality of constant criticism, physical abuse, fear, and violence, as an adult, she was left with the lingering feeling of “I couldn’t do anything right”.  The psychological, emotional and physical scars ran deep and pushed her into depression along with suicidal thoughts that remained a constant in her life.

Having an innate joyous and playful nature; However, the emotional pain held her back so much that in 2015 she came very close to killing herself because all she wanted was for the pain to just go away.

Even in her academic life, she struggled to fit in, the really high grades, getting accepted to a top school in Germany for music, language and literature, it all still felt out of place and wrong, like something was off, something didn’t resonate deep down.

Have you ever had that feeling?

Finally, after completing almost 75% of her program, she did the unthinkable; She couldn’t fight the inner turmoil any longer that was growing inside. Exhausted from obediently trying to fit in, conform, and follow courses that weren’t of interest, she built up the courage and dropped out of university.

So now, a university drop-out, with little support, and having absolutely no clue what to do besides admire her beautiful city of Heidelburg with its green hills, old castle and architecture….

What did she do?  She got a job.  A completely unrelated to anything she’s done and a super tedious job!  She got a job cleaning.

But with this deep desire to learn and educate herself, in her own way, and on her own time, she did what any resourceful woman would do.  She multi-tasked. So while on the job, she’d listen to countless TED-talks, interviews, and spiritual audiobooks. Slowly building her knowledge, her craft, and her education.

Nonetheless, there was also this other interest in martial arts, perhaps that stemmed from the need to defend herself from her abusive childhood.  Specifically her love grew for Jiu-Jitsu as she quickly learned that technique can dominate strength and that dealing with a threat is better than running away. Having her ass kicked for many years, but always going back, what grew besides physical and emotional strength, was also her confidence.  Big time!  Progressing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was becoming a lot more to Karla than just a hobby, it was a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a way of living.

Her struggling soul finally fit in, it found a sense of home and solace because she’d forget everything while on the mats, just live in the moment.  Jiu-Jitsu was teaching her to be present.  This sport has helped her so much and ultimately led to her path of healing and purpose.  Finding inner peace, happiness and the way back to her early deep childhood desire of letting her heart guide her, to create her own life instead of merely reacting to things happening to her.  Now she travels the world combining her love of Jiu-Jitsu, personal development, coaching, mentoring, guiding, traveling, and just being present and happy with herself.

By opening up the mind to a new way of thinking and living a healthy lifestyle, she learned how to break free from the pain and now teaches women how to do the same in their life and heal from their circumstances.  Karla is dedicated and passionate about ending people’s suffering, “they shouldn’t have to hurt for as long as I did”, and for this reason she is guided to mentor, coach, and show people that anything is possible when you are committed to it.

“Choice is your power. Chose which way to go. Chose to love yourself”. -Karla Kelp

In Sunday’s live interview we will learn more first hand from Karla on her story as well as cover:

  1. How did you transform your pain into purpose?
  2. What gifts in yourself did you find?
  3. What was the image of success and money you had growing up? How has this image changed?
  4. For people trying to find meaning and purpose in their journey, especially in the thick when it seems so dark, what advice would you give?

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