Full Body Home Workout Demo: Phase 1 of Day 2 training program

Welcome to my home workout demo series. This workout is from my phase 1 program which sets the benchmark for a pre-intermediate level.

You can completely adapt this workout to your body type and current level.  It can be done anywhere with a few weights, or just your own bodyweight.

To make it easier: start with your body weight and reduce the number of reps per move in each set.

To make it more challenging: increase the weight and reps per move as well as add a 3rd set. You could easily make this an advanced routine with a few tweaks.

Over time, as you are consistent with your weekly workouts, you are going to want to increase the difficulty each week so that you are progressing with both your strength, conditioning, and endurance.

The benchmark: 5 Moves x10 reps each, x2 sets + Burnout

Let’s break it all down…

Move #1. Dumbbell deadlift with side dumbbell raise
10 reps, 30 sec rest, weight: 5-10 lb dumbells

Move #2. Goblet squat
10 reps, 30 sec rest, 20 lb kettlebell

Move #3. Glute bridge
10 reps, 30 sec rest, body weight

Move #4. High plank mountain climbers
hold high plank position and mountain climb for 45 seconds, 30 sec rest

Move #5.Tricep push ups from knees
10 reps, 30 sec rest

Swiss Ball Burnout: 10 swiss ball raised pushups +10 pikes

Rest for 1-3 minutes. That completes 1 set.

You are half way there! You can totally do this!

At the end of the second set, come to your back, knees bent for a final relaxation belly breath. Slow the breath down in and out of the belly. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system to rebuild, recover, activates metabolism, digestive function, and also lower stress and anxiety.   Notice how you feel here.  Let yourself just surrender to the feeling of  relax and accomplishment here.  Release your body to a full Savasana pose, let go to any thoughts and remain still for 3-4 minutes.  Come to a seated position and give thanks to yourself for the movement that your body allows, give thanks to yourself for showing up and being present.

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