A Morning Minute – Fads Trends and What Works for You

Fads and trends can seem like a good idea with all the hype and buzz.

However, health and wellness are extremely market driven and we can quickly lose sight of the basic notion that we are all unique, with a specific body type, specific triggers, imbalances, and sensitivities.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up with the latest “breakthrough” which may in fact work very well for one person, but do a lot of harm for another. ┬áSo before you test and try the next new trend, take a step back, and ask yourself these key questions:

* Why Me?

* Why is this diet, protocol, meal plan, supplement, elimination, product etc. in the health and wellness world right for me?

* What are my unique imbalances and sensitivities that are showing up?

* What conditions and symptoms am I trying to turn around or prevent?

Once you know your big WHY, then some of these trends or fads are not necessarily a trend or fad for you, they can have their place in your life and be therapeutic, healing, and help you in your healing and wellness journey.

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