Video recipe: Breakfast Wrap with Celery Root Carrot Juice

Eating Healthy Non-Toxic Whole Plant-Based Foods do not have to be complicated, time-consuming, or boring.

In today’s recipe I am ramping up your immunity with this nutrient enriched juice paired with an extremely satiating, delicious, wrap and side of baby arugula and kale salad that will keep you satisfied all morning.

The best part is that this is for BREAKFAST. I love getting really creative with breakfast because when you get your first meal of the day right, the rest of the day always seems to unfold beautifully. I felt satiated and had zero cravings after this scrumptious breakfast to tackle a full day of work and work outs at the gym.

The Breakfast Wrap

* 1 Whole Grain Large Wrap
* Left-Over Steamed Sweet Potato Mash (mix of purple and orange)
* Half an Avocado
* Baby Arugula and Kale
* Green Pepper Slices
* Sliced Red Onion
* Grated Cheddar Style Vegan Cheese (optional)
* Hot Chili sauce (optional)

Side Salad
*Baby Arugula and Kale Blend
*Cherry Tomatoes

* Red Cabbage
* Carrots
* Ginger
* Celery Root

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