The foundation for a healthy and free life

I’ve been searching for a long time for a sort of framework on how to live a happy and healthy life. In the health and fitness industry, there are numerous programs and products on the market that guarantee your health, a great looking body, and ultimately your happiness. But following rigid exercise and dieting programs, counting calories, sourcing the right supplements and protein shakes while committing to a gym membership all amount to a huge source of stress, pressure, and can lead to the feeling of failure.   It’s a process that just doesn’t fuel, motivate, or energize my soul. It’s not hard to figure out why so many people give up.

I’ve read countless books, articles, and websites from within the health and fitness industry only to feel more confused and uncertain about what is exactly the right path for me to achieve my goals. Or really, what are my goals?

What is the best diet or exercise routine for my body type?

… So many questions, and so much stress.

But what if we shift our goals to health, the true meaning of health.

I want to prevent illness. I want to be free of pain, fatigue, and disease. I want to wake up in a body that can perform at it’s best functional capacity.”

Health is not a business. Health is science. And science is not as sexy and seductive as marketing campaigns, branding strategies, and sales funnels. But science is truth. And this truth has led me to the foundational basis or framework of how to start feeling healthy and prevent illness, disease, and pain.

The foundation of it all for me is based on the work of M.D. Max Gerson founder of the Gerson Therapy which has become my personal way of life. It’s simply about turning to fresh whole organic produce free of pesticides and chemical additives, detoxifying the body, adding a few supplements, and staying away from synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Ultimately, this combination is what prevents and even cures aggressive stage IV types of cancers.

Going forward, in everyday practical life for someone who doesn’t suffer from any major illness or disease, I use the Gerson therapy as a guideline and as the foundation for eating better to live a healthier and ultimately freer life. I’ve now shifted my goals to living everyday more healthy to prevent illness, disease, and pain rather than focusing on a fat loss diet exercise routine.

Although, during the past year I’ve lost virtually all my body fat and have gained strength, lean muscle, and better overall health by following a very stripped down version of the Gerson therapy. By healing my physical ailments through better food and making the investment of time and money into learning how to implement this regime, I feel emotionally healthier, happier, more successful in business and in my relationships.

Learn more about the Gerson therapy program here:

The Gerson institute:

The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program to Fight Cancer and Other Illness.

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